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Naphthol Blue Black

Naphthol Blue Black or Amido black 10B is an acidic dye used for staining proteins. It can detect proteins levels of 50ng in both polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) and nitrocellulose membrane. It has applications in forensics due to its ability to stain blood proteins and bodily fluids in latent fingerprints. 

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Product Details

Category Dyes, Stains & Indicators
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CAS Number 1064-48-8
Formula C22H14N6Na2O9S2
Molecular Weight  616.49
Purity Absorptivity at Lamba Max 618nm 750-960
Appearance Darkish brown to reddish black powder
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Storage Conditions Room temperature
MSDS Data Sheet Click to download
MDL Number MFCD00004017
Harmonised Tariff 32129000

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