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L-Alanyl-L-glutamine is a stable synthetic glutamine dipeptide. This dipeptide is used as an alternative source of amino acids in cell culture medium. L-Alanyl-Glutamine is more stable and far more water soluble than regular L-glutamine. L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine Solution (200 mM) is commonly called “Stable Glutamine”. This is a ready-to-use stock solution used to supply L-glutamine, an essential amino acid that is a required additive to most cell culture media. L-glutamine facilitates the storage and transfer of nitrogen to the cells in culture.Moreover, dipeptides are usually absorbed faster than free amino acids, due to the intact and efficient dipeptide transport carrier they employ. This carrier/transport system is neither used by, nor is it shared with, free amino acids, and appears to demonstrate a high affinity for absorption sites. These physicochemical properties alone may provide greater effectiveness as compared to l-glutamine.

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Product Details

Category Biochemicals & Diagnostics
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CAS Number 39537-23-0
Formula  C8H15N3O4
Molecular Weight  217.22
Purity Min 99.0%
Appearance White to off white powder
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Storage Conditions Room temperature
MDL Number MFCD00133046
Harmonised Tariff 29241900

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