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Ammonium Iron Sulfate

Ammonium iron(II) sulfate hexahydrate or Mohr’s Salt is often employed as an analytical standard, and has been used in a variety of other applications from nanomaterials to general redox reactions. This product is much less affected by oxygen in the air than iron(II) sulfate, making it more desirable for titration purposes, where iron(II) might be oxidized to iron(III). The oxidation of iron(II) to iron(III) is pH dependent, and the reaction occurs more rapidly at higher pH; Mohr’s Salt lowers the pH of solutions slightly, thereby preventing oxidation from occurring.

Product Details

Category Laboratory reagents and chemicals
Price POA
CAS Number 7783-85-9
Formula (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2 · 6H2O
Molecular Weight 392.14
Purity 99.0%
Availability In Stock
Storage Conditions Room temperature

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