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Discovery Fine Chemicals is a UK based company focusing on the supply of antibiotics, APIs, biochemicals and chemicals for the Diagnostic, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical industry as well as public sector research institutes. We work closely with leading Contract Research Organisations (CROs) worldwide to identify and develop new compounds and to provide speedy solutions for all customer projects.

Here at Discovery we offer a multitude of compounds from milligrams to kilograms and can support our partners through development stages and beyond. Our data base contains more than 1,000 key compounds with particular emphasis on active ingredients, antibiotics, boronic acids, carbohydrates and heterocycles for medicinal chemistry.

Discovery offers lightning response times, blue ribboned service and very affordable pricing.

We will make better cents of your chemistry.


We are committed to a distillation of science, sales and service.

Pauls Signatue
Managing Director and Founder

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